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Updated: Feb 3

Unfortunately, progress on the build has slowed down quite a bit recently. We decided to halt construction work back in March after the national lockdown restrictions were put in place however, the good news is that The Acorn Construction Group are back on site and cracking on with the job.

The walls for the extension on the main building, and also the new toilet in the courtyard are coming along well.

Our handyman and family boss 😉 Mark, has been busy getting stuck in the last few weeks. He always has a job on the go whether it be at home, work or at the station! This week his time has been taken up with ripping out old, unused pipes and electric wires.

With the walls now in place, it's given us a clearer indication of the size of our new kitchen so we have been measuring up and finalising a layout plan.

I also learnt how to use an SDS drill this week and started to remove the plaster on one of the chimney breasts with the idea of creating a feature exposed brick wall - this ended up being a lot more complicated than imagined...

More to follow!


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